Diversity and Inclusion

This course is only available in-house


“The delivery of the Senior Leadership Diversity and Inclusion discussions facilitated by Techniques for Change and supported by members of our D&I Working Group provided an excellent method of generating awareness and debate around D&I and enabled the attendees to explore the importance of this issue, what it means in our business and the role they had to play. The TFC facilitator was excellent at encouraging and facilitating the sessions, drawing on his wealth of knowledge of D&I studies as well as his experiences in other companies. TFC ensured that the sessions were very interactive and were very good at ensuring that people got involved in the debate and reinforced and captured the learning at the end of the session. The sessions have had very positive feedback from Senior Leaders and as a result we asked TFC to roll them out to other employees in the business and in addition other business units are looking to roll out similar training.”
Emma Nabb, HR Manager Diversity & Inclusion