Business Improvement

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"Excellent programme. Nice mix of participating exercises and theoretical input. Good to re-encounter and rehearse some techniques and to learn a lot that was new to me. Also good opportunity to learn more at what colleagues are up to in their work and consultancy."
Andy Hedgecock, Corporate Development Consultant


"Well structured and concepts, background, course content all well explained. Flexible in terms of meeting the needs of the attendees. Course tutor very good, approachable and responsive to needs of attendees."
Sharon Graham, EDR Manager


"Excellent course that cut across every sphere of the organisation. Very precise and simplified. I would recommend that this course should be introduced to every organisation."
Esther Kengab, Industrial Relations Officer


“Excellent trainer and a great subject matter expert, drawing on his experience and making things understandable and engaging. The course is well paced, covers a wealth of material, and exceeded my expectations in terms of giving a range of practical ways of doing things differently in work. A fantastically useful three days that I am eager to capitalise on when I return to work.”
Mark Cole, Head of Learning & Development, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust


"Techniques for Change have been a pleasure to work with. They listened to our requirements and tailored the course and delivery to the needs of the team. The course was well structured and incorporated both the technical and human aspects that are key in delivering sustainable business improvements. The trainer has a great facilitation style keeping it informative but light hearted whilst utilising a range of different learning approaches. He challenged the team but in an encouraging and supportive environment. The team left the workshop with a lot of valuable tools to go away and apply but more importantly with the confidence to do so."
Mary Lester, Service Improvement Manager